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7 Warning Dreams You Must Not Play With
by Dr. Paul S Joshua

The Spiritual Interpretation of Dream of Worms


Worms in the spiritual realm represent a virus (bad habit) that comes to infiltrate your life in other to distract and divert you from your purpose. When you dream of worms, God is trying to tell you to watch out for any habit, character or even a person that might come to distract you from your purpose. The spiritual implication of this is, you lose your vision and drive so you must pray against these dreams. 

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  • Dream of Worms in my Feet (The Spiritual Meaning)


Dream: "My son had a dream, he saw worms going into his feet, he tried pulling them out but he couldn't." 

Interpretation: This dream is a message to you and your son. First of all, God is trying to warn your son about an unholy habit he wants to get into which will be very difficult for him to get out of. This could be the habit of masturbation or getting into an ungodly relationship that he will find difficult to leave. Lastly, as a mother, you are in a position of authority over your son's life so God wants you to monitor your son, pray for him and guide him in the right path.  

  • Dream of Worms Coming Out of Urine (The Spiritual Meaning)

worm blob

Dream: I had a dream I went to urinate, and as I was urinating, I saw a lot of worms coming out of my urine and this got me very scared so I ran out of the toilet and then I woke up. Please, I need help with the interpretation of this dream. 


Interpretation: This is divine deliverance by the power of the almighty at work in your life. God has delivered you from sexual impurity and bad relationships that existed in your life. You might have been praying and asking God to come to your rescue and set you free from sexual impurity. This is the answer to your prayers showing that you are totally made whole and set free. 

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  • Dream of Worms on my Palm

worm in hand

Dream: I was driving my car, and suddenly, I noticed worms on my palm. Please, can you help me out with the meaning of this dream? 


Interpretation: The spiritual meaning of dream of worms on your palm, God is trying to pre-inform you of the plan of the devil to bring wrong relationships that will show up in your life while you are trying to achieve something great in order to hinder you from getting to your goal. You have to be very careful and make sure nothing stops you from achieving every goal you have set. Take this to God in prayer and ask Him to strengthen your hands and take away any form of discouragement that will want to come your way.

  • Dream of Worms Coming from The Bible (The Spiritual Meaning)

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damaged book

Dream: "I had a dream where I was studying my bible and as I flipped through the chapter I was reading, I saw something very weird, worms coming out of my bible. Please could you help me with the meaning of this dream?" 


Interpretation: That is a divine encounter you had with the word of God.  In this dream, God is showing you the power of His word. The chapter you were studying is a chapter that will deal with every negative influence in your life and flush every decadence out of life. It is a reflective manifestation of the grace of the word that will transform, change and make you a better person. 


Dreams carry messages that are specific to everyone. The message in your dreams would be relative to what God wants you to know. If you have any of these dreams, it is a sign you need to seek divine interpretation one-on-one. Do not generalize your dreams because your experience might not align with a general interpretation.

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Bible Scripture:

Luke 5:4-7​

1. Father, I cancel emptiness in my life! I come in the power of God to destroy every curse placed on me and my family! I will not suffer emptiness anymore!

2. I need your mercy to put an end to reproach in my life! deliver me from every curse that I have incurred due to my foolishness

3. Lord use me to destroy history of poverty my family lineage!

4. Anoint me with your oil of favour that will help excel in my endeavours!

5. Let your power rescue me from hardship that I am facing!


6. Fight those who fight against me, let them eat their own flesh and drink their own blood as wine. Thank you Lord for your revelation of victory on my life, I will serve you all my life in Jesus Christ name I pray!

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